Wolfgang Merkt

Roboticist & Consultant

Wolfgang is a roboticist and consultant. He holds first class degrees in Mechanical Engineering with Management and Robotics and Autonomous Systems and currently works on optimisation-based control for human size (6ft) humanoid robots in collaboration with NASA. Wolfgang previously completed research in industrial robotics applications for small and medium enterprises. He founded a service robotics research institute constructing a kitchen robot aged 14, and raised a six digit figure in funding to enable high school students to research and participate in competitions internationally. He is a startup accelerator graduate and mentor at entrepreneurship events. As a consultant and startup founder, he has developed and deployed software in government, law enforcement, legal document handling, education, and entertainment with numerous household brands. He's advising quickly growing ventures on technology and business strategy as well as Fortune 2000 corporations on digital transformation.

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Domingo 25/03 | 10:00 - 10:30 | Auditório FEUP

From Industrial Automation, Disaster Recovery, and Space Exploration: A Journey in Practical Robotics


In his talk, Wolfgang will highlight different areas of his journey in the wonderful world of robotics and touch upon challenges and frontiers in the field. In particular, he will highlight recent research successes and open challenges along with implications of an applied field.