Web Security Foundations - Hands-on!

Sábado 24 de Março | 10:00 - 12:30 | Sala B107

Renato Rodrigues e César Silva

Security nowadays is a hot topic. Everyone is on alert for the latest database leak, closely tracking the updates on the business losing millions on a hack and digging deep on the web to find ways to stay protected. In this workshop, we will dig in the most well-known vulnerabilities that exist in the wild and have a look at some tricks that will help you during security assessments.

Mandatory: Laptop.

Renato Rodrigues: Holder of a MSc in Informatics Engineering, with high interest in security issues, working in the AppSec world for a while. Curator of an AppSec Ezine and promoter of a security enthusiasts group (0xOPOSEC Meetup) – more than breaking through challenges, it is all about sharing the knowledge. Speaker at conferences like BSides, OWASP and others security and IT related. Find him on GitHub and Twitter.

César Silva: César comes from Braga and completed his graduation in Informatics at ISEP in 2016. Then he started working at Farfetch as a Developer, mainly in authentication problems. Later he moved to the Security team, focusing on Application Security. He also had some training in Networking, as this is one of his areas of interest. He likes to listen to music and try to sniff bugs. When there are no keyboards around, he watches some movies or reads some books. Find him on Twitter.